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September 28, 2010



Hi Stacie! Glad to see you online again! I know exactly how you feel, not having time for yourself, this too shall pass. You'll get you own time, slowly but surely, a little at a time. Definately set up a little table in the 'art' room for Little and work together. Those will be more priceless times! One of these days she may not want much to do with you because you aren't 'cool' anymore. Her friends will take her life over. You will miss the days of creating together in the art room. Some of my fondest memories with my mother are times we drove around looking for interesting barns to draw and take photos of for later use, and creating together in the studio.
Anyway, glad to see that you are here again! Merry Christmas to Jeff, Audrey, yourself and your entire family. And HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Holy cow!!! 2011??? YIKES!
love, JOS
PS. I got a new dog. Her name is Lilly. ;-)


Yay ~ So happy to see you making an attempt to get back into blogging and art-ing again, Stacie! I've checked in a few times hoping you were blogging, but I totally understand the demands of mommy-hood! Don't give up on the journaling idea, though. There's always times to sneak in such "luxuries" into your life ~ naptime, evenings etc. And, in the next few years, you'll be able to even journal together if you supply your budding artist with art supplies that are her very own.
But ultimately, remember that although these first few years seem incredibly exhausting at the time, they will pass oh so quickly! I know that because my babies are now 23 and 19!
Cheers ~


Wow...so good to see you post. I was wondering how you were doing. It gets easier, but you always need to remember to make time for yourself. I think the thing I enjoy most is how creative my girls are now and I think it comes from watching me and sitting with me and making art.

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