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March 05, 2008




What a BEAUTIFUL little bunny! Snuggle her tightly!!!





What a BEAUTIFUL little bunny! Snuggle her tightly!!!



Susan Tuttle

These pictures are just so special - they are so tender.

Audrey is a gorgeous child!



Hey stacie, haha im at your house right now. yesterday/today was REALLY fun. I really hope we can do it again on friday (:


fantastic photos. time goes so fast, you are going to be so happy you took the time to get these done!


hi staci, thanks for stopping by my blog. Too bad we didn't meet. I had my one year old with me who seemed to be having a good time at an art opening. :) Starting the art appreciation early!

I have so much I could say about doing art and being mama....but then this comment would be waaaay too long. :) What everyone else says is true~ time really does fly. I started painting again after Noah turned 3 months. And I would do it during naps and after he went to bed. It was like my night shift! I'm still recovering. :) But I've learned to do my best to balance it all. To be fully present for my little one is the most important task for me. It is hard to find the balance at times, but it is possible!

Your little one is darling.

Jeanette Janson

Hi Stacie-
You will find the balance, right now you are doing what is important....taking care of that precious little baby. I can imagine though, that you are dying to get back to creating. Thanks for sharing your pictures, she is a doll!

Miz Carla

oooohh Stacie she is so beautiful!! Is she a happy baby?

Hope you are well.


Hey Stacie, glad to see a new post from you. Love the photos! Aren't little ones the most amazing JOY?!?!? And of course all Moms wonder where the time goes...especially since babies just sleep all the time, right? Anxious to see you again at the office. Love ya!


These are absoutely gorgeous pics of you & Audrey. You both are So beautiful!! Thanks for sharing. Have you tried putting her into a rectangular laundry basket to sleep or watch you in the studio? She can snuggle into the blankets and you can talk to her while you work. Later on, she can sit and play and talk back to you while you work, but she can't escape until she learns to crawl or walk. Lucy can also help keep her entertained. ;-D
Love you! Take care. And please pass my congrats on to Jeff for passing the big test! Terrific!
love, JOS


Most beautiful!!!! Much love to you both, hope all goes well tommorrow and would be sooo cool if you are up to coming to mv on sunday, just mostly take care of yourself tho.


WOW Stacie! THose photos of you with the baby are GORGEOUS! You can see the love between you. What a beautiful keepsake of that time.


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