March 25, 2008


Susan Tuttle

I can see that someone put "Follow your heart." in their post - my thoughts exactly!

I am a stay-at-home mom and feel it is one of the best choices I have ever made. Do what is best for you.



no need to comment on this one. i have always been home with my boys and am so happy that I will not be one that says "I only wish I could of been home with my kids" like so many do. Like your Dad says (as well as mine), money/material things is secondary to everything. Family first.


Hi Dear Stacie,

I can tell you from experience that I put my career on hold and was a stay home mom. - I have NEVER regretted a momment! I now have 3 wonderful grown sons whom I am VERY proud of and a very FLOURISHING and WONDERFUL career. There are many jobs and career paths but these little ones only go the path ONCE! CHERISH the momments as you will soon see they pass TOO SOON! If the option to stay home with the "little bird" is available then please do as she will fly away way too soon!

Hugs to you, hubby and precious one!


Deryn Mentock

You will NEVER regret staying home to capture every moment with your sweet one!


you're a very talented artist and heart will make the right decision. in the us, i think you can really be both - an artist and a loving mother. almost impossible here. :) she is so cute! good luck


There is nothing so satisfying as staying home with your sweet babies- I love every minute of it and will never regret it. :)


There is nothing so satisfying as staying home with your sweet babies- I love every minute of it and will never regret it. :)

James H.Pitman CGCS

As a father of a young child at one time myself,(believe it or not)......my ONLY regret in life is that I was not mature,enough, educated, enough, unselfish, enough, and only knew, enough the real responsibilities as a father,was to tell the mother of my daughter that she should stay home with our child and raise her for us and then go to work when our daughter was older or part time where I could have taken care of her on my time..... money or "things" dont last but the love and character you can give your own child that is consistent and not given from a "shotgun" approach from so many others when "farmed out", gives her the satisfaction and smoother road as she grows in life........I ONLY HOPE THAT THE HUSBAND OF MY DAUGHTER HAS ALL THE CHARACTOR TRAITS TO TELL HER TO DO THE THINGS THAT HER FATHER WAS NOT SMART ENOUGH TO DO.......... So there really is not question of how to follow your heart, beacause the most important 'job" you have is your child, and it is a "job" that is not work but love personified....... You really are not at a crossroads, you passed that intersection on October 24- 2007 (I saw you drive by)........your map is already printed by your love and the gift that God gave you !!!!!!! I had a gift like that from God when I was young ( can you believe I was once ?) and I missed the turn off ? It was not fun trying to get out of the ditch I had driven into, as it took many years ..........So my only comment and advice is follow the road that is already set up for you and your family.....YOUR A.P.R. is a much higher rate than the rate given to you by working for others.......you now work for yourself and you gift.........Love, your dad

Beth Davis

P. S. from Beth..............

You can always sell your art on Etsy & Ebay!!!!!

Work on your art when she naps, plus occasionally get a sitter for her if you can, so you can work on stuff.

Beth Davis

Hi Stacie

I'm 54 years old. I only got 3 years at home with my daughter, from when she was 2 to when she started K at age 5. I wouldn't trade that time with her for ANYTHING!!!

If you can afford it, I would stay home with that precious baby where you can raise her yourself. I think that's something you'd never regret. When she gets in school, you could think about going back to work - if you wanted to - part-time or full-time.

I think you've answered your own question. I think that deep down inside you, you know the right choice.

May God bless you and your family and give you wisdom as you make this choice!




I have stayed home and worked part time off and on in the evenings as my son was growing up. You can always go back to work when she's in school full time. They are only small once and if you miss it, you miss it. If you can manage financially, follow your heart. For us this meant no fancy vacations, but I wouldn't have changed that for anything! My husband and I felt really strongly about raising our son, so it was a sacrifice we were willing to make.

I wish you all the best in your decisions. THere's no right or wrong in this-you have to do what feels right for your family.


P.S. Your little muffin girl is gorgeous!

liz smith

you will NEVER regret it!
liz xx

Stephanie Brockway

You'll never regret being there for your kid..no one will love her like you do....if you can swing it!, it goes by so fast, when she start's school you can find something...


Right, you feel it in your gut, I can tell just by reading your statement! You'll figure a way to generate income, you're a smart cookie, and probably be happier that ever!! It's truly worth sacrificing "things"! xxoo, Dawn

Debbie Miller

Stacie, I think you already know the answer to your question. Even though I had to leave "the company" I have not regretted it for one instant. Do what your heart tells you. Debbie

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