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January 21, 2008


liz smith

what a cutie!! give her hugs from me!!
liz xx

Miz Carla

What a little cutie! Give her a kiss from Auntie C


love the pics of all three of your kids napping :D the husband on the floor was too funny.

Crystal Neubauer

Stacie how adorable! Congratulations on your little bundle. You are so right to hang on to every precious moment. It is not just an expression to say it flies, my littlest little turned 18 this year. She no longer wants to just hang on my shoulder like that!
Give her an extra squeeze for me!

Jeanette Janson

Wow, what fabulous pictures! Helps a little when you have a good subject matter too : )
She is precious, such a sweet little face. I know you have to be absolutely in love with her.


beautiful photos!


sweets, these pictures of audrey are gorgeous! love you!

Beth Davis

Hi, Stacie

You're right, Stacie - time goes by so fast!! What kind of work do you do outside your home? I wish you could just stay home with baby Audrey!

We have found out that our grandaughter, Brynn, the preemie, probably isn't going to live. She needs surgery on her heart and a stent in her brain, but they can't give her anesthesia b/c she's so little. If she does have the surgery, she probably won't survive it and if she doesn't, she probably won't survive and is definitely severely mentally retarded. All of this we found out from our son last night. We thought everything was going well. We knew she would have some disabilities of some sort...but we didn't know this would happen. They'd changed her from Huntsville, AL to Nashville last Monday.

My husband said at work today - I've already emailed him - that he can't even talk to anyone. It's so sad! It was the first child for Daniel & Penny.

Please keep us in your prayers.

In Christian love,


barbara karr

Oh Stacie...she is sooo beautiful and these are wonderful pics...I can tell how much you are enjoying being her mom...barbara


WOW! I can't wait to see her little self later in the week!!! Those EYES! She is SO beautiful! Really great pics! Keep up the good work.
Love, JOS XOXOXOX C U Thurs!

Maija Lepore

OMG! Those photos are spectacular! She is just so darling!

I hired a nanny for both my boys for the first year or so. I felt so much better having someone in the house. You can look into getting an au pair!

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