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December 19, 2007




Go visit your doctor to see if it is post partum!! When I was young no one had heard of it so just had to suffer - YOU don't need to!!!

Don't feel badly about not being in the mood- you have had a lot this year! Baby is too little to know so she will enjoy the day no matter what!

Bless you, sweetie.

I have so enjoyed your blog and your artwork. Getting to know you this year and having you in Tracie Lyn and my class was a blessing!


Enjoy each moment as it's own and love every day for it's gifts!



Missy Sue

I'm also having a hard time getting into the season this year......I think it's just the craziness of motherhood that can sometimes stiffle a little bit of the "ho-ho-ho" spirit! Your decorations are beautiful!


Hello...you are a new mom with a newborn! Sleep deprived and a new schedule. Give yourself a credit for the things you have done like care for your sweet little bird. Christmas is really about being with family and friends and if you don't get the tree back up it will still be Christmas. Perhaps you can buy a little rosmary tree and place it on a table with some tiny little ribbons and when you do her baby page for Christmas the story of the original tree will be funny to look back on. Hey...you got her Santa pictures done:)

tracy willis

sweet girl, you're not giving yourself enough credit! Your house is decorated BEAUTIFULLY for christmas. It's so cozy and festive. I could just LIVE there with you!! I made you some really sweet earrings tonight...will mail them all first thing in the morning...well, it's 4:32am, so I guess that will be later today! love you!

Maija Lepore

Hi Stacey!
If you think it's post-partum depression, get yourself to a docotor!
Also keep in mind that this is a crazy season, you aren't getting any sleep with a new baby, and you have your sweet puppy you've been worried about. Don't be too hard on yourself! You are all so lucky to have each other!!

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