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November 13, 2007



Oh, SOOOOO cute!

So glad you were able to pick out something fun for your beautiful little birdy girl!

xo - Chel

Miz Carla

heehee I*almost* bought that outfit, but wasn't sure about your birdie's shoe size. So glad I decided on the GC (which I'm glad you got ok).

give sweetness a kiss from Auntie C.

How are you feeling?



Those clothes are too sweet!! It must be fun to have a girl to dress and decorate a room for! Love the shelves with the sweet things on it in the last post!

Beth Davis

Hey there -

I just LOVE baby clothes. Those are so sweet! All of our 7 grandchildren are out of the infant stage, so I don't get to see teeny tiny clothes anymore.

I saved the pale yellow slip & dress that my daughter, born in 1979, came home from the hospital in and my first grandchild/grandaughter wore it home from the hospital. I was so thrilled!

I can tell you are a good, good mommy! It's exciting having a baby in the house, isn't it? I'm glad the doggie's doing OK w/ Audrey being around.


Beth Davis

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