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November 12, 2007



Quel Beau bébé !!! Félicitations aux heureux parents. Je vous souhaite tout le Bonheur du monde avec ce petit Trésor !


She is so precious! Cherish every moment!!



WOW!!! She surely IS changing! Is't it amazing?!?!? What a little sweetie! I'm glad Miss Lucy is being a good puppie with her. They will surely be forever buddies. Thanks for sharing the pics! XOXOX JOS

Beth Davis

Audrey is a lovely baby! She'll turn the heads of many boys in the future!

I love those shelves, too. Do you know the name of the pink paint you used on the walls?

God bless...



She's beautiful! Can't wait to see her FOR REAl when I come home in the summer. This time we will meet for sure! I soooo want to snuggle her! Can't believe that my baby is already 2 and a half!!!

Maija Lepore

She is so darling!
I am very happy for you!

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