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November 01, 2007


Nancy Maxwell James

belated congrats to you! Your new baby daughter is adorable! Oct 24 is a special day in my home also - my Mother's birthday and my Dear Daughter's! Best wishes!


What an amazing picture! I've got to come by soon and see her.

tracie Huskamp

STACIE... HOW WONDERFUL.. She is BEAUTIFUL.. just like her Mom!!!! Marylin told me that you had had your precious little one.




Oh Stacie, She is here! Congrats to you and Jeff Sweetie. Audrey, what a pretty name you have. Welcome to our world little one. Can't wait to see your first art project!

Stacie, I lost all my addresses in my computer. I have something for Audrey, so if you have a sec, could you send me your address again.

Love and hugs,


Audrey - What a beautiful name! Happy you are both doing well and she is healthy. You are beginning THE best adventure! Watching her grow will be an experience that will fill your life with LOVE and PRIDE! You and your husband will be FABULOUS parents! CHERISH EVERY MOMENT!!! They fly so fast!




Oh my! I'm sorry I spelled your name wrong, Stacie!

Beth Davis

Praise the Lord! I'm so glad she's healthy! I love her name. My daughter's friend named one of her triplets Audrey. I'm sure she won't be spoiled at all. Uh-uh, no sir, not this baby! LOL

I'm happy for you all!


Congratulations, Stacey!!!! She is gorgeous!! Welcome to the world, sweet little Audrey!!!

liz smith

OMG!!!! she is SO beautiful--and what a WONDERFUL name!! i LOVE it!!
glad you are doing well--will be in touch SOON!!! PROMISE!!
much love to all of you!!
liz xx


Congratulations! She is absolutely angelic! Wonderful news. We'll be looking forward to updates as you adjust to being a new Mommy!

deb trotter

OMG! She's here, she's here!

All bundled up in pink, no doubt already kissed a million times by mommy and daddy.

Congrats, and hugs little Audrey Peyton (what a beautiful name, too).

Love to you, my happy friend.


Kelly Feraro

She's a beautiful little dream come true! Congratulations!!!!!


Yay! Congrats! And it was SO WONDERFUL chatting yesterday - you sound great! Can not wait to meet her in person!

Susan Tuttle

This is so great Stacie!!--big congratulations to you and DH!! Audrey is just beautiful!!!

She and my 2-yr-old daughter Rosie share the same birthday!


barbara karr

of course, I meant Stacie not Stacy...I was just a bit excited...my own little boy weighed 6 lbs 13 ozs and was 21 inches long!! he will turn 28 on November 9 and I can still remember the feelings I had then...he was my first baby and I got my girl second...again, Congratulations to all..barbara

barbara karr

Congratulations Stacy and Jeff...I remember all those feelings, so new, like nothing you've known before...I am so happy for your family...barbara


Congratulations to you and your husband on the arrival of your lovely new bundle of joy!

lori brofsky

Stacie, I am in love. She is amazing.

corey moortgat

Congratulations, Stacie! I love her name! Like Erika said, savor this time- the first baby is so magical- it will never be like this again...so glad that everyone is doing well!

Miz Carla

Welcome little Audrey!! You are beautiful just like your mama!!

oxos and Congratulations Stacie and Jeff!!!


OH YEA! She is so lovely, and precious! Love her name! And I am so happy that everyone is healthy and happy!


CONGRATULATIONS!!! She is beautiful. Enjoy your new little bundle.

Maija Lepore

Congrats on your new little miracle!
I'm glad mom and baby are well.

Stephanie Brockway

Congrats!!! I was thinking she must be here by now. Beautiful, amazing how your life changes in one day! Can't wait to see more of your best project to date.


Congratulations on your lovely little angel. Aren't they wonderful? I like the name Peyton. My son's first name is Payton, altho both spellings have been on my Dad's side of the family for generations.


Congratulations! I am glad everyone is doing well.


Oh Stacie, she's GORGEOUS!! I'm so glad you both are good. Wishing you and your family much love and happiness....rest tons ~ xxoo, Dawn

Jeanette Janson

Congrtulations!!! She is beautiful!! I am so happy for you and your husband. Show us more pictures when you have a chance.
Hugs- Jeanette

Anne, Bulles dorées

Elle est adorable!! toutes mes félicitations !!


Wow! Yippee! She looks perfect! So, so happy for all of you! Enjoy this time. There is nothing like the birth of your first child. And I absolutely love her name! So happy the worring is over! Best wishes to all of you!

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