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October 10, 2007


Miz Carla

oh my goodness! You are going hit me for saying this, but it seems like your pregnancy flew by!!

I am so happy and excited for you. Please ask Jeff to let us know ASAP that you and the baby are fine.

xoxoxs get some rest sweets


Stacie, the girls and I read your blog and are trying desparetly to guess your secret name. They've come up with: Abigail, Autumn, Annabele, Alexis, Annie, Ann, Ashlee, Annamaria, Amilia, Amanda, Ally, Amber, Alandra, Abby, and Addy. As far as P for the middle name: Patrisha, Pracila, Patty, Pamila, and Princess! I know you don't want to devulge the name yet but could you tell us if we got any of the names right? please please please! :o)
Take care and hope to see you soon!


Stacie, You look so beautiful!! :) Warmest wishes for you right now!


Ooh, so close now! I remember those mixed emotions very well. Sweetie, that is very normal and a sign that you will be a wonderful mother because you care so much. Here's to a a beautiful baby girl coming to 2 wonderful parents in an easy delivery!


Hi Stac! Juanita and I were just talking about you. Glad to see that you posted again. This photo is SO sweet! You [email protected]@K fabulous!!! Please have Jeff call me or Juanita when it's baby time. I would love to return the favor and visit YOU in the hospital!!! I can'r WAIT to meet the sweet little Miss Rife, whatever her name ends up to be! Take care, my dear. We are praying for an easy, heathy delivery. XOXOX JOS


Oh Stacie, you look just beautiful! And the puppy...what a face!! I'm so glad that you got her. You have so much animal love in you ~ I pray for an easy delivery for you and that you and your new angel will be happy and healthy...xxoo, Dawn

liz smith

hi sweetie!! OMG i can't believe you are SO close to having your baby--i have been SO bad at keeping in touch and up-to-date with you!! LOTS of reasons why i have been SUCH a bad friend--but not worth going into now!! just want you to know i am thinking of you and sending TONS of love--i am off to look for little baby things to send RIGHT NOW!!
love you!
liz xx

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