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September 27, 2007



How precious!!! Having 3 boys I never got to buy the cute pink feminie clothes so I'll just have to live vicariously through you, ok?!!

Jeanette Janson

So precious, Stacie! I drool over kids clothes all time, especially vintage ones. They are just so teeny and cute, I can't help it. Have you looked through etsy for childrens and baby clothes? They have some adorable ones, some at decent prices too.
Hope you are feeling well this last month.

Maija Lepore

A gilr! How much fun will that be! I always loved kid's clothes. I worked for several years for a company called Petit Bateau....it was so much fun!!
Good luck to you!

Danita Raulerson

Stacie, I stumbled upon your site and blog via the ZNE Network. I adore your work! I am not familiar with all of your past blogs, and I see that you are pregnant. I was wondering if you had a belly cast done. I am an artist and I do that for the Mommies around here, so I was just wonderin'. *smile*



so cute! I bought Noah some clothes there when I was home and they were such good quality! I also like the packaging...

Carla Sonheim

Stacie! Congratulations! Wow... I didn't know! Good luck!!!

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