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September 26, 2007


pamela overmier

Hi Stacey, don't worry it will all be fine. Sticky gooey things that made you sick on other peoples kids wont bother you on YOURS! Have fun. I had a midwife come to the hospital with me to take care of me. She was awesome! Congratulations, Pam


Well, I didn't know you were about to have a baby -- wheeee!!! I haven't checked in for a while -- great news -- CONGRATS!! Have fun with the shopping -- it's a blast!

anya meacham

Stacie, I got a kick reading your list. You listed Kendall then Reagan. My grand daughter's name is Kendall Reagan. Wish you the best!


Hi Stacie! Well, you know that I will vote for Kendall--but Kathryn had to vote for Alli. Good luck deciding! It is a big process to come to an agreement...good luck!
Lisa and Kathryn too!


Oh how time flies! Having 3 kids in school, and lots of coworkers having children, I hear alot of the trendy names. While beautiful, there are a lot of Sophia's. It's really popular. I LOVE Annika, Aunika, Anicka however you choose. It isn't over used, as so pretty.Take care.


Only four weeks left? Wow! Isn't it so exiting yet a little scarey, too?
All those girly clothes are so fun. I have two boys, so I never got to buy all that fun pink ruffled stuff.Oh, and it would be so fun to decorate a girl's room! I love the name Sophia. I was going to use that if I ever had a girl, but I think two is enough for me! :) Hubby and I agreed on girl's names, but not boy names, so I just let him pick! Thankfully, I love the names he picked. I never got that "nesting" instinct either. I just sat around feeling fat not wanting to do anything but eat cookies those last few weeks. :D

Stephanie Brockway

I like Anika because you could also call her niki or anni?? But alas when you see her some names will seem like a better fit....
Good luck!


Ok, so we ended up with 3 boys, but if my last one were a girl, his name would of been "Lily". Still love that name! However, I love Sophia as well!

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