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July 07, 2007


corey moortgat

Stacie, I know this is an old post, but it shows me how long it's been since I visited! Congratulations!!!! I'm so happy for you! I know how badly you wanted this. What a wonderful journey you're in for!

And I also wanted to add my sympathy for your latest loss...


Stacie! WOW! Congrats! I am excited to hear this news! Hugs!



Maija Lepore

Yippee for you!!! I hope this baby brings you all the joy you deserve!!


Congratulations!!!! :)


How wonderful! Congratulations!


Oh Stacie, so glad you annouced this to the world...been waiting for that, a good sign. Oh honey, you have been in my prayers from the beginning and can't wait until this little joy shows and makes its appearance. Your life will be change forever, in such a way, blessings from above. congrats my friend, to you and your hubby.

Lindsay now is not going to be back to seattle until feb., but I'll be up there, bet on that.

love you girl,

Jen Osborn


congratulations to you both :)

Susan Tuttle

Wow!! Such great news!!! Big congratulations to you and your husband!!!



Hey lady

Guess who this is? Your sweet, young and innocent cousin. Ha-Ha

Congrats on your soon to be new addition. You'll make a good momma. I know when I was young you use to spoil me rotten. Love you bunches. Sorry we couldn't meet up when I was in town but hopefully we will when I go back there.


Deryn Mentock

Well Stacie! It's been a little while since I've visited your blog so I didn't realize! Congratulations on your new blessing!

liz smith

hi sweetie!!
SO glad to read this post--it must be great to be able to tell everyone now!! i've said it before--but CONGRATULATIONS!!!! you will be the BEST parents!
love you loads
liz xx

liz smith

hi sweetie!!
SO glad to read this post--it must be great to be able to tell everyone now!! i've said it before--but CONGRATULATIONS!!!! you will be the BEST parents!
love you loads
liz xx


Your secret is out, YAY! Congrats to you guys, I couldn't be happier for you if I tried!!!!!

jeanette janson

So happy to see your post here, Stacie. Can't wait to hear more about this little angel you are being blessed with! You are going to be the best mother...

Kelli Hart

Wow!! Congrats and good luck!


Weeeee! This is such wonderful news. I'm giddy with joy for you and your hub. Congratulations!


CONGRATULATIONS! You will be a wonderful mommy!
All the best, Renée

Amy Higgins

Congratulations!!! Your news brightened my evening.


Congratulations!! THat is so exciting, and I'm sure you will be fabulous parents!!


Congratulations...I was so happy to see this post.


Stacie: How WONDERFUL! You're going to be a terrific mom! Congrats!!!!

Shelley Davis

Stacie!!! Yeah! Congratulations to you! When is your precious bundle due?
We have 7 children, one foster daughter, a grandson and a new granchild on the way. As you can see we found the secret.....children are a gift from GOD! They enrich ones life so much.
Oh you must be over joyed!
Sweetest regards,
Shelley :)


Yee Ha! I am SOOOOOOO excited for you, sweetie! Everything came out GREAT - all that scare for nothing (sheesh - so sorry you guys had to go through that). I know you are counting the days, and I am envisioning lots of pink, Stacie style!




Congratulations! What wonderful news! Sorry to hear about the scariness, but that will make your little one's arrival that much more of a blessing! You must be so excited now!


Congratulations Stacie, to you and you husband...this is wonderful news and I wish you well...barbara



tracie Huskamp

OMG... STACIE!!!! Congratulations... MARYLIN was telling about your wonderful news!!!
AAwwwwwww... A little one... so SWEET



Congratulations to you and your husband!!!! I am thrilled for you! You will be the most awesome mommy!



yippee! I am so glad that the news is out! Hope you are feeling well!


CONGRATS! That's terrific news. My little boy is 11 months old now but I still remember the day I found out i was pregnant and the day that I finally announced it to friends. This is a huge transition. Enjoy it. Make lots of art about all the feelings and experiences!


How exciting! Congratulations to you both!!

Tiffini Elektra X

Holy Moly! How exciting!! I am so happy for you both! Congratulations. .. another dog lover enters the world!

Paulette Insall

Oh Stacie! What a wonderful blessing! Congratulations!!!

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