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June 29, 2007



I Love Suzanne Renfrow


Looks like a winner to frame & hang in the baby's room! I am SO happy for you 2! Gotta love it when your girlfriend is pregnant!
love, JOS

 your dad

Just update you on the miracles in life, YOU WERE THE FIRST ONE, and this one is such a blessing for you 2 and so much for all of us........I cannot ever imagine seeing some people that deserve more in life than this miracle, That young lady will have the best mother that anyone could expect to have........God Bless both of you and her, and God has blessed all of us with the miracle that was you in the first place........YOUR DAD.........


Love the banner!! You always have to coolest stuff on your blog. I love it!


I LOVE the new banner!!!!!!


Hope you are well!

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