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June 14, 2007




I found some dog silhouettes on iStock.com. I was doing my own search for silhouettes earlier this week. Not sure if you're familiar with iStock, but photos are typically anywhere from $1 to $5, depending on what size you need.


The only thing is that you typically need WinZip to unzip the files after downloading. I've found that everything that I download that says its a vector provides me with a .jpg copy as well. At first, I was confused and thought I had to have Illustrator in order to use any of the graphics, but that's not so.

Kari Gibson (InkyTinker)

Do you have Photoshop or a similar picture editing program? If so, you could make your own silhouettes, by scanning images of different breed from a book.

Or if you don't have such a program, you could copy or trace the doggy outlines and fill in with marker or paint.

kari x

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