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May 23, 2007



thinking of you. oxox


Just remember all of the fantastic things you have to be thankful for! Everything will work out, you'll see, and this difficult time will be soon behind you. In a couple of years for now, you won't even remember this stuff! I will be thinking about you...

tracie Huskamp


OH GOSH.. this all sounds awful.. I HOPE you are feeling better soon... I know it is difficult to blog about something that is not going so good.

Just KNOW... that I am thinking of you and wish you warm thoughts of light and peace!!!


Suzanne in Albany

Hi Stacie! I haven't written for a long time but I'm doing great now (in remission). I don't know what you are dealing with but I've said a little prayer for you that you find comfort during this time. I also wanted to share something with you. My husband is always complaining about the rain--but it occured to me recently that if it weren't for the rain, it would be hard to appreciate the sunshine. I think that's how life is too. Hopefully some "sunshine" is headed your way soon!


Thinking of you each and every second and sending you tons of love and light and support. What will be will be.



honey, I'm so proud of you. I saw a bumper sticker today that said..."I HATE MEAN PEOPLE"... I think for most people, it's impossible to understand the reasoning behind someone's need to be mean. It's not worth the trouble or the energy to even try to understand...we're called to love and that word completely describes the person you are. oxox

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