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April 27, 2007


Kristy Patterson

I stumbled on your site and really, really love your work. I am an artist in Oklahoma and teach advanced art at the local high school.

I am working on an altered clipboard and would love to have a copy of the woman on the swing that heads your page. Would you share her with me and if so how?

Again, your stuff is top notch and very inspiring!


Welcome Back!!!

Happy Mother's Day!!


You are on my mind....
ox Maija


Can we talk soon? I miss you!

Jen Osborn

well poop!

that absolutely sucks :(

I just had two more rhizotomys OUCH!!! 2 weeks ago and I'm still recovering. I'm getting ready to send a Go Make Something! kit to you with some very pink and floofy supplies I found unexpectedly. Maybe it will help spark something!

I'll send you an email soon!


Honestly Stacie no one is worse than me on getting posts done. I am always behind. Hope you get to feeling better so you can do a little creating - it is good medicine! Bless you!!!



Be well! Take care of yourself and keep us updated! I want to see some art!

tracie Huskamp

Don't stress Stacie.. it will return.. just take care of yourself!!!


liz elayne

how i know the feeling...i haven't been posting as often myself and haven't really created much of anything since artfest. maybe we need to meet at a coffee shop one day soon and commiserate. or better yet, maybe we need to each spend time creating and then have a show and tell. :)

hope you keep taking care of yourself. back pain can just be the worst...

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