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April 04, 2007


shari beaubien

Now how is it we managed to get through the entire experience in Port Townsend without seeing each other once!?!? I'm sorry I missed you, Stacie!
Hugs, Shari


More pictures please for those of us that couldn't attend!

tracie Huskamp

HEY Mz. Stacie...

Ok... I am wearing the HECK out of the Beautiful earrings you gave me.

Thanks again for being in our class. We LOVED having you and your book was SUPERB!



i've been thinking about you sweetie! it was wonderful to be in the same house with you and I'm glad we got some time to talk. and LAUGH !!!!
don't be a stranger....


It was a pleasure to meet you... and thank you again so much for the GORGEOUS earrings and for saving my fashion-sense! I would have been so bare without the jewerly I forgot... but you saved me! I have been wearing them almost every day since I've been back - they make me happy.



Oh I just had SO much fun! I miss you girls SO much already!!! Thank you for EVERYTHING! I hope you are feeling better!

liz smith

welcome home sweetie!! was it WONDERFUL?!! so glad you had a good time. hope my little package arrived for you. how are you doing? thinking of you!!
liz xx

liz elayne

it was wonderful to meet you and i echo kelly's thoughts about the earrings.

hope you are catching up on your rest...i still feel like i need to sleep for hours.

kelly rae

stacie, it was great to meet you though there was barely any time between all the crazyness to chat! i just went through all my trades and just adore the earrings! thank you!

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