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February 15, 2007



I can't tell the size exactly but it looks like it could have been a cigarette case. It would have had elastic bands across each side. Do you think it's deep enough for that purpose?

Lilia Meredith



STill no package? I was really hoping you would get it on Valentine's. I am a little nervous that customs might open it based on all the stuff in it. Please let me know when it gets there!

jenny holiday

Super Super sweet!! Love it!

Thank you so so much for your super sweet email too!!

SO so nice to hear from you! Thanks bunches for the kind words!! I would love pics of your side project (booth)!! Sounds so great!! We too had an antique booth for about 2 years..oh it was a total riot! We could write a book! : )

Anyhoo...Hope you are doing great!! Ever do custom scrap/ribbon kits? Let me know!!

Talk soon!
Hope your Valentine's Day was the sweetest!

xoxo Jenny

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