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January 12, 2007



How cool!...I have a "Scout" too! (mine's a mini weiner dog)...the pics of Larry are too cute :o)



Scout looks so sweet with his animal! All 3 of my pups rip the insides out of stuffesd animals. They make a little hole and pull wads of stuffing out and leave it ALL over the house!
Your birdie is cute, too!

Tracie Lyn Huskamp

Oh MY GOSH.. Stacie... those pics of Larry are GREAT!!! HOW SWEET!!!



Just the thought that you took the time to get the picture is impressive! I am soooo impatient, I would of tried twice and been done with it!

Oh dear, I have tried and tried to get emails to you, even responding to yours but to no avail. Am I in your spam folder? The day before I left I sent my number and time to get together, apparently you didn't get it. I have also emailed you about artfest without a response...I am really sad about this... love the bird photos!!!!


Oh that is too funny! It reminds me of the Bill Murray movie "Scrooged", when they can't figure out how to put the leeetle antlers on the hamster!!


haha, Stacie!! Silly bird, huh? Love love love his hat!!! And your Scout looks cozy with his new baby!!

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