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January 21, 2007



One knows that life is expensive, but people need cash for different stuff and not every man gets big sums money. Thus to receive some loan and just college loan would be good way out.


I have this book and really enjoy it. I am glad I read this post as I think I need to get it back out! Cheers!


I got this book a couple of weeks ago, though I haven't cracked it open yet.
I sent something pretty your way...you'll get it this week!


I love that book too and am happy you have found it as well. Know that I am here with you along this journey and I think of you so often even though we have never even met! It's amazing how often your name will pop up somewhere (in a magazine or on a website I've discovered) and I think, hey I know her!!! ;-)

Teresa Sheeley

Hi Stacie,
I am tagging you for this tag that is going around, where you list "6 weird things about you". You can look at my blog to see the details if you are interested in creating one.

Thanks for the email, I am really excited about this book!!


liz smith

it's my favorite too!! i just LOVE it--AND her blog!! just wish i could write like her!! hope you're doing ok!
liz xx

Teresa Sheeley

I just bought this book a few months ago, and sad to say I have only had a chance to skim through it, you have inspired me to really dig into it now. Thanks Stacie!


I love this book too...and her blog! So very inspiring:)

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