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December 14, 2006



Stay safe!


liz smith

hope youre keeping safe!! i know lelainia is wothout power--sounds like an AWFUL storm!! just off to phone my dad in vancouver to check he is ok!!
liz xx


From someone who lives in sunshine almost every day, your phot's look so appealing!
I'm only sorry to hear they become so deadly and destructive.
Be safe and hold Scout close!

Suzanne Renfrow

Hi Stacie! Our over-100 lb. dog, Zen, hides in the closet or in our SHOWER when he hears thunder or fireworks! The poor baby! (He also refuses to drink out of the dog waterer because it made a glub-glub sound once!) We got walloped by the storm down here in the Willamette Valley and lost power for hours, seeing lots of tree limbs and so forth on the roads. Glad we weren't on the coast!

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