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November 16, 2006



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Thinking of you Stacie.
If you can take some time for you this weekend, only for you than next weekend take one day to think about how you can organize yourself...you'll do this better if you are not tired !
All the best for you .

Shari Beaubien

Hang in there, girlfriend! We're all rooting for you... Hugs, Shari

liz smith

oh sweetie!! i KNEW something was up when i hadn't heard from you!! PLEASE rest and take time for yourself right now!! you NEED to!! sending LOTS of love and big hugs!!
liz xx


Oh Stacie...How I hope you can take some time this weekend and get some rest. Take care of yourself.

Teresa Sheeley

Hope you get some needed rest soon. My thoughts and prayers will be with you! Sounds like someone needs to buy you a massage gift certificate. :)


Take care of yourself! Those type of days are so tiresome. We have all been there, if that helps! To add to your frustrations, remember, I am there the 8th and can't wait to have a day to explore! I hope you're up to it!

tracie Lyn Huskamp

OMG... Stacie.. I think you and I are having TWIN Moments... I feel the exact same way...

My shoulder has been KILLING me for the last two weeks... and hurting so bad...partly because I am so stressed... with all the MUST DO's right now.

HANG IN THERE!!! and just know you are NOT alone

Things get MUCH better if I can JUST make it to Thanksgiving of course with my 500 projects all complete by that time too!!


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