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November 19, 2006


kristen moffett


I just came across your journal entry - now over a year ago. I have shared it with several people at the school including our principal, art teacher, and the winning bidder of this "masterpiece". Words really can't express how grateful we are for your time, talent, and beautiful heart. You gave our children an amazing gift by sharing your art. Truly a memorable experience for us all. It is fitting that I found this on Thanksgiving weekend as you are truly a person that I am thankful for. All that you are and all that you do. Take care and I hope to talk with you soon!

Kristen Moffett


this is such a fantastic story! that is wonderful how much you enjoyed teaching, how much the kids enjoyed creating, and how much the amazing artwork went for! Wow!


wow, what an incredibly touching story! thank you so much for sharing!!

ps- please do send your mailing address when you have a moment. xo

Crystal Neubauer

Stacie this made me get teary reading it! What an awesome experience and WOW! The finished work is amazing and with that price you will be sure they will want you to come back next year. Do I hear a career teaching art in your future? Count me among those who would eagerly sign up!
Hope life is settling down for you now.



Congratulations...what an accomplishment for you and that spouse of yours sounds like a sweet, dear man who loves you very much!!

You've touched each one of those little lives...and that is priceless!!!


Miz Carla

Woo hoo!! Sounds like a fun time for you and the kids miz Stacie. The finished piece turned out fabulous!!!

You go girl!!!



WOW Stac!!! I am SO glad that you were able to do this with the kids. Sounds like they really enjoyed your teaching and learning the creative process. They certainly ARE all artists!!! The finished piece is just AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL!! The framing is fantastic. I LOVE the little angels that each child created,a sweeet theme throughout! I am SO proud of you that you worked so hard planning this project and you pulled it off very professionally. WAG award! Teaching is such a rewarding experience!


What a sweet story to read on Thanksgiving Day!! Hope you guys had a lovely relaxing day.


what a wonderful story for you to share and for us to hear. it sounds like such a gratifying experience, to share your love of art and creating with such eager souls. i'm sure you were a fantastic influence and made a big impression in those young lives.


congratulations! got tears in my eyes as well just from reading your post. you can be so proud of this project. and glad you enjoyed teaching children. i love doing that, too much unconditional fun and love! better do it again next year. brava!

Laurie  Blau-Marshall

Stacie - what a beautiful story and experience! -And the finished piece was stunning, no wonder it went for 2k! The letters were fabulous, too. What a treat. I'm sure some of them will come away from that experience as artists for the rest of their lives.


xoxo!! I LOVE this story!! I have been a part of something similar -- and it's great, isn't it?

Tracie Lyn Huskamp

STACIE... HOW WONDERFUL!!!!! What an INCREDIBLE opportunity.


Tracie Lyn Huskamp

STACIE... HOW WONDERFUL!!!!! What an INCREDIBLE opportunity.


Tracie Lyn Huskamp

STACIE... HOW WONDERFUL!!!!! What an INCREDIBLE opportunity.



what issue were you in? I'd love to look it up. Thanks! Rosemary

Teresa Sheeley

What a beautiful experience for you. And those pieces of art work the kids made was fantastic. Wonderful job you did with them. You would make a great art teacher, the world needs more people like you. Kids are so short changed by art instructors today, you would be giving all of them a great favor in teaching them art.

liz smith

oh my gosh!!! this is SO amazing!! i knew you really enjoyed your day with the kids from what you told me about it--but WOW!!! the artwork is SO stunning..the kids will be feeling SO good and all because you gave them your time, talent and love SO fully. i think you've found your niche sweetie!! thank you for sharing SUCH a wonderful story!!
liz xx

Jeanette Janson

This is awesome, Stacie. You have made a difference in these children's lives. They will always remember this experience. What a wonderful holiday present for them and you!


What a wonderful story!! And what a beautiful framed piece of art it turned out to be!! I look forward to seeing next year's project. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Natalie

Shari Beaubien

Oh my gosh, Stacie! This is just THE BEST story, made even cuter by the fact that your husband was so dedicated to the bidding cause! I'm soooo excited for you that it went for $2000... and those kids! Imagine how good you made them feel? I'll bet you launched a few new art careers that night. Big hugs, Shari


What a fantastic story! Maybe it is time to get out of the cubicle and find your niche. Sounds like you have! Maybe working with kids is right up your alley...
see you soon!


What a perfect story to share with all of us this Sunday before Thanksgiving.
I have to agree about children at this sweet age.
I can just see their joy at the beautiful piece that they created with your help.
I volunteered for several years at our local elementary school and always have such good memories of those great children.
Bless you and your dear husband.

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