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October 05, 2006



I love your little boy in a box. I love doing them....it gives me a place to use all my vintage wallpaper. He's perfect as he sits, but if you wanted to add more, perhaps a vintage child's block or two on the left side of the box?


This is so cute! You can do anything! If you can wait 2 months, I can help with your studio when I get to the NW! I am laughing as I write this as I am the worst when it comes to organization and am probably the wrong person to offer my services, but it would be fun with two like minds trying to sort through junk! It would look worse when we were done! Lol

liz smith

me, me me!! i'll come sort out your studio, rub your sore back, help in your store!! we'd have SO much fun!! then, when we were all done we could go bargain hunting, check out all the cool stores near you,have lattes, take scout out for walkies--it'd be GREAT!! wish i wasn't so far away!!
liz xx
ps LOVE the box--it is beautiful!


Ok, here's the deal. I'll fly out to WA and I'll come organize your creative space for free if you'll take me to some of those cute little shops around there! How's that for a good deal?! You definitely need to sell that cute little box, it's precious or else just send him to me because, well, I do have 3 boys and all! haha


OMG! STACIEEE!! That is the CUTEST thing ever and he needs to come live at my house!! He probably need a few little toys to keep him amused.

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