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October 24, 2006



Stacie, what a wonderful dollie! Congrats. I think everyone has given you good advice to let Somerset know about the error so they can fix it before they put that very same ad in all their mags! Sally

Brandi Powell

Congrats Stacie! That is wonderful! Very adorable doll! I remember how excited I used to get when I was published. I wish there were more magazines dedicated to amatur (sp?) artists. I am not mixed media anymore but not really a professional. I am totally out of the gettin published loop! Anyway, congrats to you!


well that must have felt like a rollercoaster ride!!

so sorry to hear about that...I know they will make it up to you! :)

liz smith

wow!! the doll is BEAUTIFUL!!...and TELL them!! i'm sure they'll fit it for you!! congratulations sweetie!!
liz xx


Ouch!! i know how that feels. I did an article w/ scrapbook pages for Simple Scrapbooks Magazine years ago, and they put someone else's name on the whole thing.


OH WOW! How disappointing that would be, but I'm sure they would feel terrible to find out their error and will most likely rectify it. Yes contact them. Congrats, what a lovely little creature she is.

Tracie Lyn Huskamp

WOW Stacie... that is GREAT!!!!

Just send them an email... they would want it to be correct... I am Sure!

kelly Feraro

Check out the inside back cover of the Sept/Oct 2006 issue. They have you credited as the artist there. Congratulations!!!


OH GEEZ! That happens but it SUCKS when it does. Cpngrats on having it published and yes DO tell them! They owe you the credit!


The doll is lovely! You should definitely get SS to correct their mistake. :)


Make sure you let them know! They will fix it in the next issue. The same thing has happened with a group of artists and they were good to make the necessary changes in the next issue. It is a big deal! You are such a talented girl! (love the brooch you made! Might need some of those for the shop.)

Tiffini Elektra X

Oh dang! I am so sorry they credited it to someone else!! But congratulations anyway - all of us know its yours!! XO

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