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September 04, 2006


Crystal Neubauer

I can't wait to see pics! Sorry about the frustrating internet issues. I avoid calling SBC at all costs too!


Happy Birthday Scout!

Where are you?? I miss you! Sign on and say hi!

Bernie Berlin

Happiest of Birthdays to Scout!!
Take a peek at my blog, I just took in the sweetest little golden..
She's pregnant and scared of everything..
Blessings and Light to you..


Happy Birthday Scout!


Happy Birthday Scout!!!

Can't wait to see pics of your new painted room! Please show pics of your painted furniture too. I just get so inspired by things like that. I am interested in the color of your wall it sounds very cool.

liz smith

happy birthday scout!!
hope you're up and back online soon--it drove me CRAZY when ours was off with the move. the guestroom sounds lovely!!--will HAVE to come and see it!!
drop me a line when the www is working!
liz xx


Sorry about the internet probs but it sounds like you had a good productive weekend so good for you!!!! Can't wait to see pics of your guest room.

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