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September 17, 2006


Cathy Rodgers

Me, too!!! Eight feet of counter top and I manage to end up with 2 inches of it to work on. Man, I love being messy when being creative!!!

Shari Beaubien

You're truly not alone, Stacie! The funny thing is that I'm an organized person to the point of being anal in pretty much every other aspect of my life. But when I create? Look out! Explosion! It must be something about the process that turns us into messy people! :) Hugs, Shari


Oh Stacie, if I ever did my work with more than 2 square inches I would probably faint!

I always end up with stuff everywhere and a little space for creating. And usually have at least one of my cats in the middle of it all. They love paint brushes!

Good times had by all!

Hope you get to post some pics of what you have been working on.

Crystal Neubauer

Stacie how funny! I can so relate. I had to force myself to spend the day cleaning my studio today and I've already piled stuff up on my nice clean work table....but what wonderful work you manage to pull from that 2 square inches!

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