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August 09, 2006



Consider it done. Please update us when you can.


Hi Sweetie,
Just read this and will pray for you that our sweet Lord above give you the desires of your heart.


Stacie, Sending you tons of white light, love and all good things. I know where you are and what you mean...things will change...best, gina


We're sending you good thoughts and positive wishes. You guys certainly deserve some happily ever after.

Crystal Neubauer

Stacie I didn't read this last night when you were asking for prayers, but God surpasses all time boundaries. I am praying even now that all is well and worked out just as you had hoped & prayed.


me too! crossing fingers that all works out the way you want it to! I will be checking in to see that all goes well!


I will say a prayer for a wonderful blessing to come into your life!

tiffini elektra x

Thinking good thoughts for you and your husband!! Xo

Jen Osborn

lots of prayers for good things coming your way!


I affirm for you that everything in your lives is in divine order and all will unfold for your highest good. YOu are relaxed and at peace. All is well.


from me too Stacie, you know !!! All good for you !!!


Hey, Sweet Stacie, my friend-

I am sending all my positive, best thoughts out into the universe tonight just for the 2 of you. There is a full moon tonight here - spreading light over the whole town - and I'm hoping its light will find its way to you and STAY there - you guys need some light in your lives for a change.

Much love'


Pilar Pollock

I am with Celine; a candle is lit for you both. You and your husband are in my prayers. I hope everything turns out for the best. Namaste.


You are both in my prayers!!


You have a prayer coming from me!


I'm thinking of you guys! I'm going to lit a candle for you,whatever it is!


love you guys!

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