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August 29, 2006



I love these shoes...I may need to get them in black. Lisa

Brandi Powell

Ugh, those are SOOOO frieken cute! I so wish I wasnt so poor! Oh, the life of a student artist. Those are so cute, sigh!


I love, love these shoes! You have great taste in fashion!


Ohhhhh I love these shoes!!! Ohhh maaan -- I just might have to buy these -- I need brown shoes....... sigh......

Shari Beaubien

Oh my gosh, Stacie! I may just have to get these myself! They are beyond cute! Do you order shoes online without trying them on pretty frequently? How does that work for you?


Oh no! I love shoes too! Maybe instead of shopping for cool art stuff, we should shoe shop instead! I have been out of the loop for a while but I do have some fave places downtown Seattle! Gosh, I think I am broke already just thinking about it! Wish I had a reason to buy cute little shoes like this!


Oh MY! I went to Catholic high school...grey skirt or pants, and a white blouse. I couldn't even look at grey for at least 10 years after that! I too have tons of shoes, but the older I get, it is more about comfort so I don't buy as many as I used to....although these are cute, and they look super soft and comfy!! I never would have thought to look for shoes on Amazon....I may have to take a look. Were they true to your size?

Pilar Pollock

Oh, those are cute! I remember the days of private school. Did you dress code permit you to have any color than black? To this day, I refuse to wear plain white socks since they were the sole selection for my uniform.

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