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August 16, 2006



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Stacie and Barb,
I don't know your Mom all that well, but I have to agree with you, Stac. Barb, you are a sweet, kind, caring person, and you have a beautiful SMILE yourself!! You raised your daughter to be the same way, even gave her the SMILE!!! How could THAT be wrong!?!
We ALL need to be better to ourselves, don't we Stacie???
I have to agree with you on the German Choc cake! YUM!!! AND on the HUGS!!! The BEST! I always tell my son (who lives far away with his dad), "When you are away from me, my HUG is empty!" Zak gives GREAT hugs too!
I can't wait to hear about your trip to France next year. Maybe you will love it more, just because you are going with Stacie!
Love you both! Joanne


Hi Stacie,

Your responses to your mom are so sweet! Thanks for sharing!


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