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August 14, 2006


kelly Feraro

Stacie, You can learn to sew in your spare time (HA)! I can see it now, Bailey's Bliss The Clothing Line!

tiffini elektra x

Oh my gosh that is gorgeous!! I am completely smitten with that shirt!! The embroidery. . .sigh!

Brandi Powell

I agree, this stuff is wicked cool but yes, it had better come with some gold thread OR it would at least have to be totally paint resistant! I have paint on every shirt I own! Hence the shopping at Wal-mart for $5 shirts! I would CRY if I got paint on a $200 shirt!


Oh my goodness, those are the coolest clothes ever. I had never heard of that line before. Geez, no wonder you love them, but wow they are expensive. Maybe someday??


amen, sister!

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