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July 04, 2006



Larry Bird is so pretty, and just about the same color that I painted our bedroom this weekend!! I will post pics later today, so take a look and see if they match. Natalie


Very sorry for your loss.

The bird is beautiful.

LArry Bird seems to be lifting spirits all around.


larry bird...i so love the name!!
the real larry bird , i am sure would be honored!!! thanks for the smile on this wednesday back to the work week!

liz smith

SO cute!! what a lovely gesture--hope larry bird brings you LOTS of happiness
liz xx

patty van dorin

Oh how I can relate to your birdie story!! When I first lost my husband, I couldn't get out of bed for days. One day a bird came to my window and pecked on the glass. This happened for three days in a row. somehow I felt this bird was sent by him and it was what I needed to get up out of bed and start on rebuilding my life.

Your Larry is so sweet, I have always loved blue parakeets. When we were kids I was given me a blue parakeet just like Mr. Larry.

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