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July 29, 2006



I have a hubby that grounds me, as well! We are blessed.
Looking forward to seeing your new stuff!

Jen Osborn

ha! I'm exactly the same way, except that the universe usually puts me in check (or knocks me down a peg) with back stuff and all my commitments go poof!

It's wonderful to hear you so excited about new ideas :)

I sent you an email about ArtFest & housing with us ... did you get it?


Carla N.

aaahh honey the life as a flighty artist isn't an easy one :D

Thank goodness for the hubsters that pull us back down to earth.



I've missed you and can't wait to hear about all of the new exciting things you have going on! Oh, and good luck with the garage sale! I'm the garage sale queen so if you need any advice, just LMK. ;-)

liz smith

know JUST how you feel!! i am going at about a zillion miles an hour--trying to finish off commitments i've made for art projects, wanting to start packing up the house for the move, trying to organise things for california--finally burst into tears last night--it all just got a bit much!! like you i have a wonderful husband who brought me back down off the ceiling with a few well chosen words!! it WILL all get done--i guess we just need to do what we can and believe that the rest will all fall into place! not always easy!!--but it will. thinking of you!
liz xx

Kelly Feraro

Staice, I'm so glad to hear you sound so positive!
Take care!


it is good to have that special person that can pull us back to reality, i too tend to bite off more than i can chew and have to be reminded on a regular basis...i raise my starbucks to those special people in our lives!!! lol


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