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June 01, 2006



Hope you had a wonderful birthday! Did you get my card yet??


OKay not I want that book! I will have to look for it-not sure if we have it up here in Canada yet! Good luck with your project girlie-the amount of supplies you have astounds me!

Brandi Powell

Looks fabulous and fun to me! Didnt know it was your b-day! Hope you have a wonderful day! Brandi


yay for sharing your space!

you'll get it together girl!!:P


You know i'm in love with your room,honey! I was drooling over it when i came visit! :D


wow - it looks a dream come true for me - I just want to come over and play in there!! Looking at the photos I am more into ooohing and ahhhing over what I see than if they are organized or not. And besides, I bet you knwo where everythign is! Thank you for showing me - and if you DO get on a home show for remodeling - you have to have them fly me out for it!!


W0W Stacie!! I see lots of fun stuff!! I know what you mean about being organized....I try, but then if I put things away, i forget about them!! Outa site, outa mind! I just started a blog nataliehansen.typepad.com.....I will try to post some pics of my studio by next week. Then you won't feel so bad!!! Natalie

sofia- La Fée Coriandre

Wow you have lots of treasures in there and also a lot of potential, I'm sure you'll have a dreamy place by the end of the summer :)

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