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June 25, 2006


James H.Pitman CGCS

Letting go is never easy, its not supposed to be. Hanging on is not easy, its not supposed to be. Keeping someone around is easy for us but not easy for them when they need to go. There is strength is letting go that remains from the ones we allow to leave, for they never really leave they became part of us that is not difficult to hold on to.....Share pictures, now, share thoughts, now, tell someone you love them now, hug someone now,give flowers now, read a book now, visit a friend now, for now is the future and the present, thats why they call it a present isn't it because it is a gift......Take the time to appreciate the strength in others but do not envy it for there is more strength in a weakness that we recognize and strengthen...... "Your patterns of thinking dictate your habits. Your patterns of habits dictate your behaviors. Your patterns of behaviors dictates your results in life. The results in your life dictate your success and satisfaction..........In losing we really win, failure is the main reason for being sucessful......how we touch others is our sucess and we need to feel our touching while they are present, for that is a gift also,and one we should give and recieve before we leave..........Don't hold back tears, let your feelings come out, use it for strength,and remember those we "lose" are not lost, those lost are still present forever in us and we should not be lost in remembering that we have all won by sharing life,....and by sharing death.........Death is only the beginning and a stop on the journey, for the future is the present and there is no future in the past........Life goes on........Thank God........ Share what you have learned, learn what needs to be shared. For we all make mistakes and some of us more than others, but no one is keeping score except ourselves, share the failures, give away the success,accept from others their love and respect. Realize we always end up with what we wanted, but did not realize we HAD it to begin the journey. Sometimes we did not have the patience or vision to notice what we looked and longed for was what we had when we started......and that goes for relationships, wisdom and ambitions. Be careful what you wish for, as you will recieve it, when you recieve it, be careful what you do with it. Life is life........and nothing really dies it only fades into the background of our mind....Our memories never die, they never get diseases, they never get sick, they are always our treasure. and none can take that away......... From : A wandering mind and on an endless journey..........Your Dad......


More awesome finds??!! Oh wowser, I'm loving those vintage trims. Oh heck, I love everything!!!!


Ok Missy...you need to shoot this Seattle gal an email before you go shopping. I am woefully out of touch with all of these SUPREME shopping opportunities. Great, great scores!!!

Carla N.

Great *score* baby!!!! Those little sewing machine drawers are awesome for shrines and just tucking little bits into. When you come and see me you can buy those cheap :D in the fleamarket.


Suzanne in Albany

I'm so jealous! I'm looking for some drawers like that to make into little fairy assemblages. 4 for $10 is a steal! But I'm happy for you. :^)

liz smith

jackpot again!! you are the BEST shopper!!
liz xx

sofia - La Fée Coriandre

you know what ? I did the same yesterday, I'm cleaning and painting my house but I just can't keep away from a good sale, yesterday I bought wonderful handmade antique laces, it was wonderful :) can't wait to see YOUR SPACE finished :)

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