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May 29, 2006


Kelly Feraro

This is wonderful Stacie! I love, love, love the colors! I find myself taking an eBay break. Sometimes it is so discouraging to feel like your "giving it away". I'm excited to have the opportuntity to put a couple of pieces at a local shop. Keeping my fingers crossed!


I usually hate to give the things I make away and find it hard to do so because I'll never see it again so I've begun taking pics of everything....makes it a bit easier! Your collage is up to $30 with over 5 days left so it's doing well! I keep bidding on your things but always get outbid at the last minute! Grrrrrrr.


I just realized that you can see it much better on embay.
Great details!


I enjoyed looking through your blog and especially liked your ATCs. I tried to enlarge this picture so I could give you feedback (I always like it when bloggers respond to my plea for feedback so I wanted to reply)
It is small and difficult to see. But I like what I do see especially how you attached the ribbon.

I hope it goes for a lot!


if you ask me, all your work goes for too little on ebay! I bid - I love it too!!


That is so true! There is a group of us ebay sellers that have the exact same thing happen - the ones we think are great go for the minimum bid and the ones we almost threw away sell at a good price. Go figure! I am like you, I sell stuff even if I like it myself. I guess I would rather have other art on my walls then my own! This piece is beautiful!

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