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May 24, 2006



Oh no - let me know how the drs appt goes - no sleep stinks - so sorry you are going through this. I actually am no help, I am the opposite - I worry sometimes becuase I sleep TOO much - I know - last thing you want to hear right now... but keep me posted!

Tracy Beaupre

Hey Stac, I worry about You!!! I love you like a sister. I miss being young to and miss not having so many cares and worries. You are so creative and beautiful stop doubting yourself or I will puke on your pop corn plate. :) I log on and read your online journal to catch up with you because we don't talk as much as we use to, I miss you and Love you Stac.


I felt the same way, until a few months ago, I got a prescription for ambien. I take the smallest dosage, and even at that I usually break them in half!! It makes me fall asleep faster....without all that think'in time!!! Natalie

Carla N.

Poor Darlin, I have long periods of sleeplessness like that too-must be one of the weird side effects of being a creative type. If it weren't for Tylenol PM I would be a walking zombie. It probably wouldn't hurt you (well not too bad anyway) to get a B12 shot.I like to get those every now and then to keep from getting too run down.

sending hopes for sweet slumber!


sweets, I was up at 4am. Is it something in the water? My sleep cycles are so screwed most of the time. I sure hope your Dr. apt. goes well. oxoxo

barbara karr

Hey Stacie...I am so glad to hear that you are going to see the DR...sleep deprivation can lead to so many things and none of them good...hope things start to turn around for you soon...thinking of you and sending hugs...barbara

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