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May 26, 2006



love the words, the colors.
gorgeous piece!


I love the soft colors of the background and the figure with the punch of the black lettering. The figure has a puzzled look...perhaps overwhelmed by all the big issues she must face in the world? Well done!


I really like your style, and the color in the piece is great. Excellent work!!

Brandi Powell

Very nice, I am really into teal right now. So bright and cheery. Getting ready to do a piece with an ocean and I havent done one of those before but I see that color creeping in! Brandi


Great work! I love the colours.


this piece is lovely...I love the colors of your blog as well!



Words are so beautiful, and I love the colour and image you've used. great work.


This piece is lovely!

I was reading your blog yesterday about you not sleeping...have you tried taking cal~mag, (calcium magnesium) before sleep...it puts me out like a light! or maybe some chamomile tea?! there is even an herb called valerian...I haven't tried it, but my mom has high anxiety & she takes it to sleep, sometimes~

xo ~Izabella

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