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April 24, 2006



And I thought it was great that my uncle was a cop and would show us his handcuffs! lol!

That is such a wonderful picture to have...and it's your own grandfather, too! just think of all the art you can do with that one!


What a cool post - to have a grandfather who was a magaician -how cool is that??


OH, Stacie! A real live magician for a grandfather! That is so cool! What a fun childhood you must've had. I hope you'll share some more photos with us.



Indeed..a treasure!! I love rummaging through personal effects.. i fins something new everytime,recently i've been lookign through letters my grandmothers wrote me, and others.. and it's been very moving!

Kelly Feraro

What a fantastic treasure!!! And what a handsome man!!!


What a great find!

Danielle Muller

Stacie...I just love this picture. What a precious find this photo is!

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