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April 20, 2006


Erika Tysse

I think you like it because it is so freeeeee! The colors are beautiful as well - very happy!


Stacie -- what a fun collage -- I love it, too!! And I do that -- go back thru, wishing I still had a particular piece of art.....


I have a piece like that too so I knew just what you meant and it was so interesting to hear it put into words. I miss that piece and it was probably not so spectacular to anyone else ! but to me everything just worked...it came to me as I went along and it all fit without really knowing where I was going with it.

I think of it often .

I have not really ever had that same feeling since and it makes me wish I had it back too !

Well, it went to another artist and I like knowing it hangs near her at her work desk and we are somehow linked in creative spirit and energy.

I just know that your piece, wherever it ended up, is bringing joy and inspiration to that person and that part of the world...must have been a reason it flew out into the universe like that !

Thank you for all of the joy I get looking up your work and investigating all of the little details and designs within one piece.

I look forward to more and more and watching you evolve.
Love, Sandy


It's just whispy like a warm spring breeze.

liz smith

makes me smile too stacie!!--i love it
liz xx

Kelly Feraro

This a such a wonderful sense of whimsy about it. I can see why it makes you smile! Beautiful!!!

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