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April 21, 2006



Oh my goodness, thank you for these links!

Add me to the list of creative depressed people... I always fear that taking the medication for my anxiety will lessen my creativity. So far, no problems -- in fact, I feel even MORE creative as I'm not spending as much time dealing with the worrying and anxiety!

I will definitely look through these resources...


Wow... very interesting! I've never noticed the correlation, but now that you point it out, I can totally see it. Thanks for bringing it up, I'm going to have to give this all some more thoughts. :)


Well...I just thought I was crazy! I found art about a year ago & I become depressed, I believe for me...it has been healing for my soul! Thanks so much for sharing, your heart.

I love your blog, I just found you today, your bookmarked :)

xo ~Izabella


Yep, it's true...about artistic people being more prone to depression. I really think it's because they are more sensitive to things, maybe take things in life harder than they should...whatever. And, because of that, need to express what they are feeling, thereby becoming 'artistic'. I truly believe this.


This is very interesting, thanks for the links - I am off to explore them in a bit.

I can relate to what you are saying - ESPECAILLY after just returning for a long weekend with my parents - talk about a trigger... yesterday was a day to myself to and boy did I need it. I have to fight hard to not let it overwhelm me at times... I am babbling, but my point is, I know what you are talking about and am always here to chat/vent/cry!

Jen Osborn

I think this is so true! I agree that it must have something to do with how in tune we are to everything around us and how we tend to internalize for examination every little thing that goes on around us.

I've suffered from severe depression ever since the birth of my now 11 1/2 year old ... there are really good times and really bad times and lots of days that just fall somewhere inbetween.

I can't help but wonder how big a part of my art and style my depression has been ... I know that making art can be a life saver on some of the really bad days and def. fuels some of my darker stuff.

big hugs to you today ... have a wonderful week Stacie!




So brave and generous of you to offer up this info. As those who know my closely know, my mother was an artist and suffered from untreated depression for her entire adult life.

I too deal with fairly severe depression and it has only been the past few years that a hefty combo of therapy, friendship, and psychiatry have made a difference. I definitely think there is a link - and I really support people who are willing to talk about it, and deal with it!


xoxo - Chel

katie kendrick

hi stacie,
i so relate to this - it seems i have been on a mood rollercoaster even since adolensence - i've finally made an appt with a specialist (ie., mood doctor :-) to have a comprehensive evaluation tomorrow. to be honest, i'm a bit afraid of what she might tell me and recommend. i've read a couple of the articles you're sharing after i did a google search and i'll read the others, thanks for posting. i know we've talked about getting together in seattle for at least two years now - i'd still like to do it...

liz smith

hi stacie
i SO know what you mean!! have spent the last month, on and off, going from highs to lows and desperately trying to figure out what was going on--i even wrote a bit about it on my blog. then i thought a bit and realised i'd been going thru' this for years--not a severe"i can't go on" depression--more a real feeling of sadness that i can't explain or put my finger on. i'm sure it has something to do with our creativite urges--thank you SO much for posting about it. if you ever need to talk!!--you know where i am!
liz xx


What a coincidence! A friend and I were just discussing this last night. I will look forward to reading what you have pulled up.


I totally believe that creativity levels and depression are linked as well. There are often times that I can feel myself heading down that path as well. I have thought about talking to a Dr. about it but then it'll go away. I'm not brave enough to take meds yet but if it got bad enough I certainly would.


oh yeah, you bet this is interesting! I can't wait to follow your links! i'm just now exploring the possibility that i have some manic-depressive traits -- and i find art a big and healthy release for me.


what a coincidence and I understand exactly what you mean, from 2002 to early 2005 I was so depressive, I had lots of problems, every now and than it comes that same feeling, but I can actually control it now (and I guess for now, don't know what will come in the future). Crafting and making art at first really helped me 'cause I would put all that I had inside in something..I really do believe that people who have depressive and maniac problems are of course connected with the world but also in same way with their inner world, they can hear it and be happy or suffer with that. Big Hug. Sofia :)


Wow Stacie, Just came in from my little cottage studio, trying my hardest to create, but it's just been a struggle for days. I am in a depression and I hate it. I walk around like a zombe.

Board and frustrated that I am today, I decided to surf blogs and went to yours first. How amazing you are talking of exactly how I feel. I read some of the posts you have up and find them very interesting.

I know this too shall pass. If I could just create as normal, I could ignore what I'm feeling inside, but it just doesn't work that way with me.

Thanks for making me feel like I am okay. I know many creative people experience the same. I wouldn't trade it for anything...like feeling so happy all time...but I would had to give my creative juices up...no way...would rather suffer :) Being creative so out weighs the satisfaction, joy and contentment I experience when I produce something I think is art or when someone has to have it!!!

Thanks for sharing your heart, it helped mine :)




This is interesting to me as well. My hubby has signed up to attend a medical conference next year entitled, "Creativity and Madness"...it's all about how famous artists, dancers, and writers have suffered from manic depression and the consequences of their malaise. Mentioned in the study are: Hemingway, F Scott Fitzgerald, Virginia Wolfe, Edgar Allan Poe, Frida Kahlo, Picaso, and Van Gogh - just to name a few.

Somehow, I do think extreme creativity and extreme highs and lows go together.

I can totally identify with this. I seem that way myself sometimes. I have bursts of creativity where I just can't do enough and I seem obsessed...then I go through a sterile, blank period where I feel totally drained and just can't pick up a paintbrush.

Do you know what I mean?

I plan on blogging about this same thing soon.

Hey! We should write a book! LOL

Love you!


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