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April 10, 2006



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Wow Stacie, those are incrediable pieces. Wish I were there taking that class with you. Maybe next year. I went to Wisconsin and took a Keith Lo Bue class and he was so generous in sharing all his secrets. Got to love a teacher who does that. We never had time to complete anything in class. We really needed one more day. But I will now take what I learned and try hard to use the knowledge received. Keith also was a wonderful person, so enjoyable and so amazingly talented.
What did you use to create the thickness?

Kelly Feraro

Not long ago, I got the opportunity to hear Michael give an "Art Talk". He was so inspiring. I loved his "Just do it!" message.

liz smith

hi stacie,
SO glad you had such a wonderful time--i'm TOTALLY jealous!!
the art you've made with michael and at home is FAB!! you have a wonderful talent
liz xx

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