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March 22, 2006



Thanks for posting this today Stacie. We had to say goodbye to our beloved Happy Joe Cocker yesterday. He was my "kid" and the pain is so intense right now. I know it will take time. I'm hoping to get to a place that I can use art to help me in healing but right now it's hard to even look at a picture of him. Thank you so much for your blog and reminding met that I'm not alone in my love and grieve. Scout continues to be in my prayers. And I know Joe and Bailey have hooked up in heaven and are having a great time.


Any news on Scout's biopsy? I'm hugging my fluffernutters, Daisy and Dexter, extra close in anticipation ofr a clean bill of health for him!

Joanne Coughlin

Silly girls! Can't they SEE that this is a pic of Miss Bailey & you?? Time DOES heal all wounds though. This I KNOW to be true. (And, what a lovely pic it is!!! Of BOTH of you!) love, JOS
[HUGS for Mr Scout!]

liz elayne

yes. these words ring so true.
i have to agree with deb...right out of a martha page.



This looks like it should be a photo in "Martha Stewart Living."
The sun, the sweater & hat, the scarf draped vicariously around your neck, the golden fur and contentment on Scout's face...it's all a "GOOD THING."
And I'm so glad!

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