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March 21, 2006


Miz Carla

Phew! Great news. I was scared to death to come in over here. I'm so happy for you sugar!! FEEL BETTER SOON!!!!



Oh Stacie,

SO GLAD to hear the good news. You both rest up and take it easy!

xo - Chel


SOOOO happy to hear Scout is home & recovering but sorry to hear you still aren't feeling well. Hopefully you both will be back to 100% SOON! A big ((HUG)) to both of you!!


Yea! So happy for Scout! I'll bet that third tumor is benign, also. And that picture of him with his alligator...PRECIOUS!!!


Glad your adorable doggie is home! Take good care of him-

Brandi Powell

Stacie, that is wonderful! I have been on haitis here but am so glad to hear Scout is ok! I have something ready to mail to you, by the way! Be watching for it! Brandi



Joanne Coughlin

Hi Stacie!
I'm sorry that you are still ill, but you'll get better soon now that Scout and Aunt Pam are doing better. I'm STILL praying for you ALL! I really enjoyed your pages for the book. Those are GREAT! I rcvd my "CREATE" bracelet from Jeanette. I LOVE it! She also sent me an original trading card with my bracelet. "Her Majesty" Very COOL! Funny, since my name here @ work is the "Addressing Queen" LOL!!! It fits! Later kiddo. Luv ya! Plz give Scout and Jeff each a hug from ME!!! JOS


Yay Scout! It hurts my heart to think of fur-babies getting sick. I'm releived that he is home safe and sound.


i have been enjoying your blog for a while now Stacie (i am a friend of Lelainia's-which is how i found you) and i have been checking every day to see how the surgery went. such wonderful news! sending good thoughts your way....


thank goodness! I'm so glad he's home and I'll continue praying for good results. Take good care of yourself, too!



Hooray! The good forces of prayer and kind thoughts worked, both for Scout & your Aunt. I am so very glad. Now you can go to ArtFest with a full heart and a weight lifted from your mind. I am so glad things are looking up. Give 'ole Scout a hug for me.



Oh Stacie, I've been checking for news all day...so glad to read what you wrote about trooper scout. Bless his little heart...and yours too. Both of you get better.


Thank God, I was holding my breath...your baby is home. Now get him well and see you at artfest! I have a VERY belated trade for you...I'm hooking up w/ Tracy she can help me find you.. for a quick hello..Hang in there.

Jamie Cowbelly

Doggies should never have to get sick, but if they do, they should come out just as well as Scout has. I'll be sending all of my healing energy his way, poor little guy. Please take care of yourselves and each other!

liz elayne

such good news. so glad to hear that scout is already home. i have been thinking about you and hoping to read good news like this!!

barbara karr

Dear Stacie...I am so glad that everything has turned out well... hope Scout will be able to take it easy 'til next week and hope you feel better soon, as well...Hugs...Barbara


Great news on all fronts. Hope you feel better soon too!


Poor little guy! I am so glad he's home and on the road to healing. I am also so relived your aunt's surgery went well. Stacie, you have been through alot in the last few weeks. I can't wait to see you and give you a big hug for being so brave!!


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