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March 25, 2006



I'm so jealous! 1) Waaah! I wanna go to ArtFest! 2) Can you and Celine come have a slumber party with me? I'm just down the road a bit...in San Antonio! lol!

Brandi Powell

Oh, you are so lucky! I so hope I get to go next year! I think that would be so fun! Have a super time! Brandi


Hey, Stacie!

What a fun week you have in store! Give Celine a hug for me. The two of you should have a blast.


Miz Carla

Celine is so sweet and the perfect slumber party guest--get her some nice fresh french bread, a little cheese and wine and she'll be happy ;D


Crud! I can't spell! Sorry!


DOn't worry Sacie, I am freaking out about packing too. I have been working on it ALL week and I am still not done. If you need something and don't have it, just holler-perhaps I will have it.

Only THREE more sleeps!!


hey honey! i'll help you packing! no problem! and don't be scared at my WEIRD face on Monday after a 20 hours long trip!!!!! :D

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