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March 09, 2006



wow, I'm blown away by your post and just as much, by what Lelainia said in her comment. Beautiful words, all the way around. Thank you both for sharing. oxox


I have long thought that the paradox of giving is that giving is a selfish act. The person who does the giving gets to keep far more than anything they can ever give away to someone else.

For example, I work on a crisis line. I thought that I would be able to contribute in a meaningful way to the people in my community, to those who are marginalized in society and have no one. I thought my simple act of listening and caring would really be a meaningful way to give back. Silly me! I have been there for 8 years and I know without a single doubt my callers have actually given far more to me than I could ever have offered them. I have learned more about love, life, compassion, illness, human nature, grief, pain and about myself than I could ever have imagine was possible. It opened my eyes to a world far greater than anything I had experinced before. I have learned not to judge. I have learned about acceptance, honesty, caring and supporting people. It has made me grow as a human being, it has opened my heart wide and taught me what it is to truely lkisten to someone with your whole being.

The act of giving blesses the giver. Giving is love in action.

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