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March 27, 2006


tiffini elektra x

Welcome Celine! How fun that you got to come in early to shop and stay with Stacie! I can not wait to see when you get here - unfortunately I doubt you will have anything left after vendor night!! I am so jealous of Stacie getting first dibs! Hope you both have a blast at Artfest!

Sharon Wisely

Sure wish I was there too--Have fun for me!


Have a wonderful time!!!


Welcome Celine! You and my buddy Stacie have a TERRIFIC time at Artfest! (You couldn't have found a more wonderful hostess!) You look wonderfully happy to be here. Enjoy!! Perhaps we will meet. I live in Everett too.
Love ya Stac! have FUN! love, JOS


Ooooh have fun at Art Fest - hopefully I will meet you there next year!!! I am dying to go but could not do it this year!

Erika Tysse

Wow, so lucky you two are! I wish I was going to Art Fest! Have fun and let us know how it was!


Yee Ha!

Stacie & Celine!

Two cuties in one house? It's too cool to imagine!

Have a great time. (If you pretend you are wearing cowgirl boots, you'll have a whooping, wild & wooly ArtFest!)

Hugs to ya'll.



YAY! Welcome Celine and glad you two are having a good time! Hug each other for me and see you soonest!! YIPEE!! I am *still* packing. Packing is hell!

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