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March 24, 2006



You're right girlie, if you can take care of messes like this and not freak then you'll be able to handle anything!!


Hey Stacie and Scout -
Hugs all around! Sounds like he is doing better! I know you would clean up toxic waste bare-handed as long as you're together! Hang in there!

Susan and Raoul

Hang in there, Scout and Stacie. We are thinking of you, and praying too. Happy days ahead! I CAN imagaine how much that hurt. I had drain tubes in once after the only operation I ever had and when they pulled them out the nurse said, "Whatever happens, keep breathing." So Scout is one brave doggie. Get well soon.
Susan and RAOUL.


Poor thing! How long will it take him to heal up?


THANK YOU!!! For NOT including crime scene photos!
love, JOS


OH wow! Your own person ER! Good thing you didn't become squeemish! Poor Scouty! HOpefully he will behave now and let it all heal or you might just have to cone him!

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