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February 21, 2006


Lisa and Tim

Hi Stacie,

I am sooo sorry to hear about Bailey. I find comfort in knowing she's with my dad now...he's great at throwing balls for dogs! I bet they'll be buds! Thanks for giving us a glimpse into life with Bailey. We're praying for you. Memories are such a treasure.....

natalie hansen

I always love your poems Stacie...Although we have never met, I love reading your blog. It is so honest and open, and I know that you are the kind of person I could be friends with. Along with my son,Alex, I too have furry children. Riley, our border collie, and Ruby, my silly siamese cat without a tail!! SHe makes me laugh all the time, Even at night when she decides to sleep on top of me!!! A couple of years ago we had to put down our husky, Nick, that we had for 15 years!!!! What a great part of our family he was. I know that many of us understand how you feel, and wish only the best for you and your family. Most sincerely, Natalie


what a beautiful poem and testament to your sweet pup. i'm so sorry for your loss.


Thank-you for that poem and for the gift of tears for my old dog that died two years ago. His old buddy is wobbly and just wants to be beside me, in the same room as me. Your poem reminded me that I am a huge part of his life! And while I buzz around in a busy family with two dogs, two cats, three kids and a husband, I am his. Thanks for that. I always stop for him and cuddle him and love him but perhaps I'll do it just a little more. Cause we are their world.


Though I never got to meet Bailey in person, I feel as I know her a little bit now. HUGS


thank you for sharing this with us. oxox


Stacie, I love this. You hit every one of Bailey's characteristics "spot on". When I read this I picture her "doing her things". What a great tribute to her. I know it is SO HARD for you now but she will be with you always, and a poem like this is a perfect memorial because it captures her very essence. Thank you for sharing. Understanding and wishing I could take the pain away.
Love you so much. Mom


Hi honey...tears in my eyes..my Bailey LOVES tomatoes too...I am going to plant one this spring in your Bailey's honor...just like I planted a tree in my dad's honor..all loss hurts...but with time...time heals. Stacie, just to let you know honey that Chel started a thread on ZNE for you and your loss. Just wanted you to know honey and you are so in my prayers and thoughts all the day long...love you..joanna

Bernie Berlin

Thank you for sharing...
I've been feeling the need to check on you lately..
Bailey I'm sure is right by your side, never to leave you again...
You are honoring her memory with these words that you write.
A memory can never be taken from us..
Remember the good and let go of the loss..
Grief and honor your love thru your actions, as I know you will and always do...
Much Love...

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