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February 07, 2006



Well dear I think we all feel that way alot and I have to say if I looked half as good as you do I might actually wear a bathing suit!!! had to have one for water therapy this last year when I broke my leg!! now that was a trip for sure!!(had to buy one sight unseen and off the internet cuz had to use a walker and wasn't about to go thru the mall like that!!!so it was a hoot!! and well maybe one day will actually loose those 10 lbs extra and yeah like I'll stop eating!! ha!! NOT!!
oh and see your baby was out there too and is that your little wiener dog?? thought you only had the golden?? my wienie hates the rain and can't imagine her in the water!! giving her a bath is a chore!! ok well off for now!! hang in !!!
Hugs Linda


Hi Stacie,
Just wanted to let you know I think you are beautiful inside and out. Your art reflects your beauty.

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